FRIDAY’S LETTERS: Readers Sound Off on Judith Miller, Bob Novak and Blogs

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By: E&P Staff

Opinions are like kittens; readers are always giving them away.


Re: Writers Group Won’t Give Judith Miller ‘Conscience in Media’ Award After All

The decision of the American Society of Authors to
rescind the award to Judith Miller was an award given
to the memories of those murdered in Bush’s invasion
of Iraq. Thank you. And thank you, Anita Bartholomew,
for your powerful words of truth. Giving Judith
“Benedict Arnold” Miller a “Conscience in Media” award
would have been like Bush honoring her with the Medal
of Freedom.

Maria Long
Sonora, Calif.


I’m personally heartened to hear that other journalists share my opinion that Judith Miller is no “First Amendment Martyr.” I have been dismayed to see so many professional journalists — Bob Woodward of all people — touting such a perverse contention all along. I’m glad to see there are still some thinking journalists around. Since when is it defending the first amendment to protect government’s abuse of power? I’m particularly glad to see that the independent journalists have summarized the basic argument so clearly about Miller’s decision. Interviews with journalists who have worked with Miller in Iraq are being published every day, and they give a glimpse of a journalist who got special treatment while on assignment in Iraq, invited to stay in the poshest places, arrogantly issued demands to U.S. Military Commanders regarding access and stories, and basically behaved as someone who was confident she had powerful government protection. In light of the fact that 52 journalists have died serving as true defenders of the First Amendment in Iraq, any award to Miller is shameful.

Suzanne DeBolt
Signal Mountain, Tenn.


I completely agree with Ms Bartholomew’s position on the meaning of the 1st Amendment. We know that Miller has been a government shill for some time now (perhaps for more than one or even two governments) and has used her position not to inform the public but to misinform it. Luckily for Ms. Miller, she received her Pulitzer Prize as part of a group rather than as a single independent individual or that might be withdrawn as well. But, as we well know, many military personnel have gotten their awards due to her stupendously stupid efforts. Some while incarcerated in Iraq and others in their graves.

Grand Forks, ND


RE: CNN Suspends Novak After He Leaks Barnyard Epithet

I wonder if your story’s meaning would change if Valerie Plame was identified as a CIA ?analyst? or ?employee? rather than a CIA ?operative?? I wonder what reporter would not walk off the set after such personal attacks had been made by James Carville? Just how long was Dan Rather asked to take time off after walking off the set?

H. Michael Sarkisian
Sacramento, Calif.


Re: Will Blogs Go Bust?

Blogs are not the enemy of the press, you are your worst enemy! With the Internet we can now find articles written on any subject from many perceptions. That is where your enemies within are killing themselves. No longer will we accept one or two major news outlets as the all knowing “source of news”.

Blogs contribute in a very vital way in that they provide immediate support of or challenge too the facts and authenticity of press articles or televised reports. Facts that are omitted are noted, facts that are slanted to support an agenda or point of view, or just down right lies. Bloggers who present an elitist, arrogant attitude will either be dropped like a hot potatoe [sic] or find themselves facing a very hostile Internet community. Just as the press is facing a very hostile community.

Ruth Skidmore

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