FRIDAY’S LETTERS: Some Readers Say ‘Annie Get Your Gun’, 14-Year-Old Iraqi Girl Referred to as a ‘Woman’

By: E&P Staff

Readers continue to respond to the AP’s repeated reference to a 14-year-old raped Iraqi girl as a “woman.” Others believe that Ann Coulter is right on in her opinion that the New York Times editors should be tried for treason and put in front of a firing squad.


When a 14-Year-Old Is Called a Woman

This issue arose this spring while writing a book to teach students how to take charge of their own lives. I bought some editing software, and the software wants to call all females ?women,? even if they are 7 or 8. The software, written in England, suggests no similar change for young males. It?s OK to designate them as ?boys.? I would find this odd were it not for the growing political correctness zealotry which ordains that all females are women no matter the age. If I were more respectful of passive-aggressive PC, I would bend and call all of them women, but I did not.

This confusion has been rampant in the press for several years. I?m surprised no one noticed until now.

Ronald C. Roat

I think the point here is that the girl, which she definitely is if she’s only 14, was raped and her family members killed. Rape is rape, regardless whether the victim is 14 or 25. Or, in the correct terminology, “allegedly raped.” This is another atrocity of this terrible war.

Kathy Anderson


Readers: Annie Get Your Gun

I don?t know where the Times? editors think they got the power over the US government to expose/declassify secrets during a war, but they are mistaken. Ann is right; all traitor wannabes should get used to the risk they take when they publish top secret information which places ME and other Americans in danger. Treason is not all it?s cracked up to be in Ward Churchill?s class.

Jo Thompson
Boston, Mass.

When the NYT and the Sulzbergers are working so tirelessly to help the people trying to kill me and my family, do you really think I’m bothered by Ann Coulter’s comments?

Frank A. Stocker
Seattle, WA

Have you taken a look at [Ted] Ralls’ cartoons about the fat Jersey girls? He said a lot worse in his cartoonsthan Coulter did in her wonderful book.

Joe Taylor

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