FRIDAY’S LETTERS: TimesSelect Misery Day Five, Plus Quark Caught Napping on Logo Design

By: E&P Staff

We’ve reached the end of one full work week since The New York Times launched TimesSelect, and the e-mails continue to pour in, and almost all hold strong opinions about why this is a bad move for the newspaper. We asked for readers who have signed up for the service and consider it a value for their $49,95 to drop us a note, but so far no luck. Our Inbox awaits.


Many Lifelong NYT Readers Shut Out

Your column, “NY Times Introduces Pay Service Today,” might have noted that thousands of daily readers of The Times like myself cannot get home delivery, as we live in buildings without doormen. I’ve been reading The Times, and buying it at newsstands, ever since I left home at age 18. I am 61 now and unlike my parents, who lived in a doorman building, I live in one of New York City’s thousands of walkup buildings and simply cannot subscribe.

My floor overflows with The Times and the WSJ. I receive the latter at a post office box, typically a day late. I can live with that but a day old newspaper, to this retired journalist, is about as useful as a day old recording of CNN.

Can I send in several hundred dated mastheads next year and be granted Web site access? Somehow I suspect not. In a city rapidly losing its middle class, this is just another slap in the face. I’d turn the other cheek but our Mayor already got that one when he eliminated free parking in meters on Sunday, the one day I used to get a break from the nightmare of circling the block seeking a parking space while hundreds of meters are empty along the avenues in this residential neighborhood.

David Rosenstein
New York, N.Y.


What bother’s me the most with TimesSelect is that you can’t forward a column to a friend. It seems that the recipient also has to have the subscription to see it! Does this make any sense? This is just plain stupid thinking from the NYT and I’m surprised.

Fred Ackerman
Fred Ackerman Photography, Inc.
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.


“Times select” is the dumbest move the old white guys at the NYT could make. In fact, this is the appropriate point for you folks to make jokes about shooting yourself in the foot. It shows that the people in charge have absolutely no idea of the character of the media they manage. I, for example, have removed NYT as my home page and have fully replaced them with a blog called If the Times’ move has pushed an old white guy with money like me away from the traditional newspaper to the alternate media, how many others in the same demographic have reacted similarly?

Dumb, dumb, dumb!

John Michael


Quark’s Logo a Mistake at Best, Rip-off at Worst

RE: Quark Breaks The One-File = One-Page Layout Equation

Good to see an article on Quark in E&P, but not so good that a publication I rely on to provide balanced reporting — something rare in today’s industry, I’m sorry to believe — missed a huge detail about Quark’s logo in your story.

There’s more on my book design blog, with links to other coverage and examples of others’ previous use of the same mark (especially in the comments).

One comment even notes that it’s a standard letter in a font.

Giles Hoover


Re: Good Mourning, Vietnam: Pew, AP Probe Iraq Link

I did combat in Vietnam and was amazed then at how little of the country we could control, even with over 400,000 troops. The incompetent draft-dodgers who put us into Iraq are a disgrace to our beloved nation. I’m especially ashamed of leaders like Chuck Hagel and John Kerry who gave away their war declaration authority. They, of all those in our craven congress, should have known better.

RT Carpenter
Lynn Haven, Fla.

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