FRIDAY’S LINKS: Rupert Murdoch Eying Tribune?, Newspapers Go Small, Comeback for Local Reporting

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s links, William Powers on the shrinking of the Wall Street Journal and other papers, speculation that Rupert Murdoch could be interested in Tribune Co., and Danny Westneat thinks old-fashoned local reporting is due for a comeback.


William Powers: Every time a newspaper cuts its size to save newsprint costs, the response is cynical titters. (National Journal)

Could Rupert Murdoch be among the moguls interested in buying Tribune? (Women’s Wear Daily)

Danny Westneat: Intensely local, professionally gathered news is due for a comeback. (Seattle Times)

Guild members may take the Strib’s money and run. (Minnesota Monitor)

Michael Miner: A defense for Conrad Black based on his lavish lifestyle. (Chicago Reader)

Greg Sargent: With Jamil Hussein produced, AP has struck back against the “wingnuts.” (American Prospect)

Malcolm Gladwell: We are dismantling the institution of newspaper journalism precisely at the moment when it seems to be of greatest social value. (

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