FRIDAY’S LINKS: Saving Newspapers, Blogs Not ‘Parasitic,’ Libby Trial Exposes ‘Neocon Shadow Government’

By: E&P Staff

In today’s links, Jon Friedman looks at how the Orange County Register has moved onto the Web, Joe Conason questions the recent love journalists have been showing former Vice President Al Gore, and Jack Shafer introduces us to Slate’s ob-sessed amateur fact-checker.


Jon Friedman: How the Orange County Register embraced the Web. (Marketwatch)

Eric Klinenberg: Advocates of continued media deregulation seem to be saying we must destroy our newspapers in order to save them. It doesn’t have to be this way. (Mother Jones)

Joe Conason: After they tempt Al Gore into the presidential race, journalists will probably try to destroy him again. (Salon)

Robert Young: Is Google a media company? (GigaOm)

Jack Shafer: Slate’s most “finicky” reader catches our mistakes. (Slate)

Bangalore-based outsourced Globe staffers being trained in Boston. (Boston Phoenix)

Jon Fine: Old media’s new math. (BusinessWeek)

Robert Niles: Are blogs a parasitic medium? (Online Journalism Review)

Syd Schanberg: The Libby trial exposes a neocon shadow government. (New York Observer)

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