FRIDAY’S LINKS: Too Much ‘Truthiness’ at STMG?, Richard Perle Defends Judy Miller, ‘WSJ’ Tries ‘Rub ‘n’ Sniff’ Ads

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s links, Richard Perle defended former New York Times reporter Judith Miller in a panel earlier this week, the Chandlers might seek more board seats at Tribune, and the Wall Street Journal is planning new “Rub ‘n’ Sniff” advertisements for perfumes.


With Tribune Co.’s deadline for board nominations weeks away, a new issue has emerged in the battle for control of the newspaper and TV empire: the possibility that its biggest shareholder, the Chandler family, could mount a proxy fight for additional board seats. (Wall Street Journal)

The Wall Street Journal is on the verge of offering scented print-ad units that will appear on the regular pages of the paper. The technology takes “scratch ‘n sniff” to a more refined level — think “rub and sniff.” (Advertising Age)

Chron launches podcast of calls from angry readers. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Eric Alterman: Because Bill Kristol is so smart, it’s all but impossible to believe that he believes many of the things he says and writes. He’s not a journalist; he’s an apparatchik working undercover as a man of the press. (The Nation)

Jack Shafer: Should we regard Ryszard Kapuscinski’s end product as journalism? Should we give Kapuscinski a bye but castigate Stephen Glass, who defrauded the New Republic and other publications by doing a similar thing on a grosser scale? Do we cut Kapuscinski slack because he was better at observing, imagining, and writing than Glass, and had the good sense to write from exotic places? (Slate)

Sun-Times Media Group President quit because of too much “truthiness” at company. (Chicago Reader)

Richard Perle defends Judy Miller and chastises the Washington Post’s Thomas Ricks on a panel. (New York Observer/Media Mob)

Robert Allbritton hopes his ambitious new Politico will lure political junkies and benefit from a fast-changing media landscape. (American Journalism Review)

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