FRIDAY’S LINKS: Trib Uncritical of Obama?, Baquet Shines, Greenwald vs. ‘The Politico’

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s links, Jon Friedman calls Dean Baquet the “shining star” of print journalism, Timothy McNulty wonders whether the Chicago Tribune is going easy on hometown candidate Barack Obama, and Dean Starkwell gives a little background on Tribune suitor Sam Zell.


Timothy J. McNulty: Such sustained interest — some might call it infatuation — with Obama has some readers questioning whether the Tribune has been writing too much and too uncritically about the junior senator from Illinois. (Chicago Tribune)

Jon Friedman: Dean Baquet is print journalism’s shining star. (Marketwatch)

Ryan Blethen: Feisty, independent newspapers help democracy function. (Seattle Times)

Dean Starkman: What journalism should know about Tribune suitor Sam Zell. (CJR Daily)

Donna Shaw: Gannett and other media companies are embracing ?hyperlocal? Web sites as a new way of engaging fleeing readers. (American Journalism Review)

Glenn Greenwald: What makes the whole relationship [between the Drudge Report and The Politico] particularly unusual is that Drudge, historically, is extremely hostile to online political ventures. (Salon)

Will Twitter work for newspapers? (

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