‘Fronteras’ Delivers Presidential Issue to Hispanic Readers

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By: E&P Staff

Newly elected U.S. President Barack Obama gets the cover treatment on this week’s Fronteras, a Spanish-language weekly news and entertainment magazine that is a publishing partnership between Danilo Black of Monterrey, Mexico, and Universal Press Syndicate of Kansas City.

More than 1.5 million Hispanic readers will pick up this free publication beginning Thursday in 36 cities and read about the new president ? one whom they had no small part in getting elected.

?Since the Hispanic vote counted greatly this year in Obama?s victory, our Hispanic readers will be highly interested. Obama?s victory is due in part to 8 out of every 10 Hispanics who voted in the new president-elect,? said Fronteras Managing Editor Elena Rodriguez.

On the cover is President Obama?s face and these words in Spanish: ?A dream: Obama wins and his name goes down in history.? Text in a accompanying box is the ?I Have a Dream? excerpt from Dr. Martin Luther King?s speech, and reads: ?I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of “interposition” and “nullification” — one day right there in Alabama little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.?

Designed, written, and edited by Hispanic journalists for Hispanic readers throughout the U.S., Fronteras is the only syndicated publication of its kind. Fronteras provides American newspaper publishers an easy way to reach the growing Latino market in their area without making a large investment in infrastructure.

This election issue should be one of the more popular editions that Fronteras has published, says Kerry Slagle, the publisher of Fronteras and president of Atlantic Syndication, the international division of Universal Press Syndicate. ?Immigration and other issues relating to Mexico are of great interest to the Hispanic readers of Fronteras, and they?re going to be interested in this new President and what he brings to the table,? he added.

Fronteras, which launched in fall 2004, is published in 11 states.

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