Fusion Systems Releases DigiPage 5.0

By: E&P Staff

Fusion Systems International in Portland, Ore., has released version 5.0 of its DigiPage workflow automation solution. Enhancements include improved workflow automation and Dynamic Job Routing, press-accurate halftone dot proofing, reverse filename parsing, and easy set-up of post-RIP imposition workflows.

Macintosh- and Windows-compatible DigiPage is a ROOM (RIP once, output many) solution designed for Harlequin-based RIPs (version 6 or greater) or workflows, such as the Fusion RIP or Fusion Workflow ESP automated or semi-automated imposition solutions. DigiPage enables single-page processing, ensures proof-to-plate digital integrity, and facilitates post-RIP page pairing and commercial imposition.

With this release, DigiPage can create quality halftone-dot proofs on Epson Stylus Pro and HP Design Jet Printers. DigiPage Dot-Locked proofs are generated on the fly, as each page is RIPped and separated, obviating extra hardware and software to generate halftone-dot proofs from the 1-bit screened separations.

DigiPage is easily configured. Proofs accurately show knockouts, overprints, traps and fit just as the job will print on the press. Spot colors are accurately folded into a CMYK color space, using a series of Pantone-licensed libraries. Built-in ICC color management is used for press-accurate color matching.

DigiPage provides the ability to RIP PostScript or PDF pages through a single input queue and intelligently route the resulting DigiPage files by file name, publication date, page number, section, and other criteria to specific output destinations. Reading job name characters can occur from the beginning or from the end of a filename (reverse filename parsing) to ensure compatibility with any third-party application.

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