G&J Offers New Lock-up for Goss HO Press

By: E&P Staff

Glunz and Jensen, Granger, Ind., has introduced an improved stainless steel model of its Narrow Gap/No Tool press-registration lock-up for the Goss Headliner Offset, TKS, and other presses with a cylinder-slot gap of 0.600 to 0.500 inch.

The new version offers lead-edge, centrifugal forced thrusters instead of the spring clip. Thrusters are a half-inch wide with a one-inch diameter to hold a plate’s lead edge. The press’ centrifugal force allows the thruster mechanism to maximize its hold. The faster the press cylinder turns, the stronger the hold.

With all components made from stainless steel, the lock incorporates Glunz & Jensen’s patent-pending registration system, which improves registration and enables independent movement of lock components without upsetting the registration of the press. Simpler design reduces labor cost when installing or repositioning the lock for a web-with reduction.

The Narrow Gap/No Tool lock’s new technologies provide faster initial installation, have fewer parts than comparable no-tool locks, allow forgiving plate-bend profiles and unique cylinder designs, and utilize heavy-duty components.

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