Gallup: 57% Say U.S. Won’t Win in Iraq

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By: E&P Staff

A report on a new Gallup poll released today shows that President Bush approval rating on his handling of Iraq is now at 32% — tied for the lowest rating Gallup has measured.

The survey, taken April 7-9, also shows that 57% of Americans think the United States will not win in Iraq.

In a surprise, the new poll found that 44% of Republicans now back withdrawing some or all troops from Iraq. The number for all Americans, 64%, is higher, but the fact that better than 4 in 10 Republicans back this idea is notable. Indepedents are tracking much closer to Democrats on all issues related to Iraq.

In another finding, 57% of Americans say it was a mistake to send troops to Iraq, while 42% say it was not. Since December 2005, either a plurality or majority of Americans have said it was a mistake.

The breakdown on the troop pullout question is: 36% say to withdraw “some” troops, while 28% want to withdraw all troops.

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