Gallup: A Racial Divide on Jacko’s Guilt

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By: E&P Staff

It may not rival the racial divide that split public opinion in the O.J. Simpson murder case 10 years ago, but there is a clear gap in views of Michael Jackson’s likely guilt in his child molestation case, as shown in the latest Gallup polls on the subject.

Gallup found that 75% of whites think that the charges against the pop star are “definitely or probably true,” while only 49% of blacks think they are.

The latest survey also found that only 6% of the sample is following the Jackson case “very closely,” with 27% saying “somewhat closely.”

Gallup notes that while the racial gap is “not insignificant,” the percentage of blacks who feel Jackson may be guilty still tops those who disagree by 49% to 41%.

A July 1995 Gallup survey found that 75% of whites thought Simpson was probably guilty of killing his wife, but only 25% of blacks thought so.

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