Gallup: Americans Back Congressional Resolution Against Iraq ‘Surge’ — And Withdrawal Within a Year

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By: E&P Staff

A new Gallup poll taken this past weekend shows that support for President Bush’s troop escalation did not gain any ground, despite an all-out White House publicity push (it remains stuck at 38% approval). The survey also revealed majority support for a congressonal resolution opposing the “surge” — and a U.S. pullout within a year.

Support for such a resolution is strong, with 61% backing that. Asked if congress should try to block the deployments, such as by denying funding, a still significant 47% back that action, with 50% opposing it.

A total of 56% want a quick pullout — with 19% advocating “immediately” and another 37% in a year’s time. Only 13% say “send more troops.”

“Americans remain unconvinced that it is necessary to send new troops to Iraq to gain victory, as Bush argued, and a majority favors withdrawal of troops within one year,” Gallup reports. “Most Americans continue to say the costs of the war outweigh the benefits of succeeding in Iraq, and a majority of Americans also continue to say it was a mistake to send troops to Iraq initially.”

The poll was taken Jan. 12-14.

As in recent polls, almost 6 in 10 say it was a “mistake” to invade Iraq in the first place.

“Despite Bush’s arguments in his speech, the majority of Americans say that the United States cannot achieve its goals in Iraq regardless of how many troops it has there,” Gallup reports. “Only 28% agree with the administration’s position that the U.S. can only achieve its goals if it increases the number of troops it has there, while 17% believe the U.S. can achieve its goals in Iraq without sending in more troops, and 50% say the U.S. cannot achieve its goals in Iraq regardless of how many troops it has there.”

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