GALLUP: Americans Have Lower Opinion of Michael Richards Now — But 7 in 10 Not That Bothered

By: E&P Staff

Who’d ever thought that the Gallup organization would ever conduct a poll on….Michael Richards? But it’s happened, in the wake of the former Seinfeld star’s Nov. 17 racial epithet-spewing episode at a Hollywood comedy club. What did Gallup find in its late-November poll?

Americans now rate Richards more negatively than his fellow Seinfeld co-stars, “but still, his overall ratings are more positive than negative,” the organizations said today. Nearly 7 in 10 said the incident will make no difference to them. More than half say they have followed the incident closely.

Not surprisngly, nonwhites are more negative than positive in their assessment of Richards, while whites are still more positive than negative. Both whites and nonwhites, however, show little difference in their likelihood to watch him in the future.

Asked to rate the Seinfeld leads, Americans gave Jerry Seinfeld a 72% favorable rating; Julia Louis-Dreyfus a 66% plus rating and Jason Alexander a 63% favorable rating. Richards clocks in at 41% positive but that still beats out the 36% negative rating.

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