Gallup: Americans Say They Will Vote for a Black or Woman — But a Mormon? A 72-Year-Old?

By: E&P Staff

A new Gallup survey confirms that Americans claim they will be willing to vote for a woman (read: Hillary Clinton) or a black (read: Barack Obama) for president next year. But they still raise questions about voting for a well-qualified Mormon (Mitt Romney) or 72-year-old (John McCain) or someone who has been divorced twice (Rudy Giuliani).

Surprisingly, nearly as many say they would vote for a homosexual (55%) as say they would vote for a 72-year-old (57%).

Most censored: atheists.

“While Americans overwhelmingly say they would vote for a black, woman, Catholic, or Hispanic president, they are less likely to say they would support a Mormon candidate, one who is 72 years old, or one who has been married three times,” Gallup reported.

Asked if they’d be willing to vote for a “generally well-qualified” candidate with the followign characterisitics, here’s how the tally went in the Feb. 9- 11 poll.

Black 94%
Jewish 92%
A woman 88%
Hispanic 87%
Mormon 72%
Married for third time 67%
72 years of age 57%
A homosexual 55%
An atheist 45%

Conservatives express more misgivings about candidates from all of the above categories — except the age question, where they are more disapproving of voting for someone 72 or over.

Frank Gaffney, Jr., who used attributed a fabricated quote to Abraham Lincoln in his previous Washington Times column, returns today with another Lincoln quote aimed at treasonous critics of the war in Iraq. E&P Editor Greg Mitchell replies.

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