Gallup: Beyond Press Hype, Few Americans Care About Katie Couric’s Career Move

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By: E&P Staff

Is it the latest media example of much ado about nothing? Following a week of extravagent coveage of Katie Couric’s pending move from NBC’s Today show to the CBS news anchor slot, Gallup is out with a poll today suggesting that, at heart, few really care. The poll found that the dramatic shift will produce no more viewers for the CBS Evening News, and no fewer viewers for Today after Meredith Vieira takes over.

According to the poll, only about 1 in 10 Americans say they are more likely to watch the CBS Evening News with Couric in the anchor seat; roughly the same percentage say they are less likely to watch.

And only 6% of Americans say they will be less likely to watch the Today show when Couric’s replacement, Vieira, steps in, while 7% said they will actually be more likely to watch.

For some reason, more Democrats than Republicans report an increased likelihood of watching the CBS Evening News anchored by Couric. Perhaps Republicans favor Bob Schieffer.

The poll, conducted Apr. 7-9, finds that 10% of Americans say Couric’s move to CBS will make them more likely to watch the CBS Evening News, while 9% say it will make them less likely. The vast majority of Americans, 81%, say it will make no difference to them.

In a further blow to the conventional wisdom, “women between the ages of 18 and 49, the group that represents Couric’s core fan base, show little difference in comparison with older women and men of any age,” Gallup reports.

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