Gallup: Cubans Split on Castro But Want More Freedom

By: E&P Staff

A new and unusual Gallup poll of 1,000 Cubans found that they were about evenly split on the rule of Fidel Castro but were, as Gallup put it, “profoundly unhappy” with the lack of personal freedoms.

Asked about the leadership of their country, 47% gave their approval with 40% opposing. But only 1 in 4 said they were satisfied with their freedom to choose what to do with their lives, “easily the lowest figure in the Gallup database of more than 100 countries.”

Though they want more freedom, “the majority of Cuban respondents,” Gallup reported, “appear to have internalized the socialist values of the regime.” Asked whether a series of adjectives describe Cubans, respondents were much more likely to say they are “fair” (79%) and “equalitarian” (71%), than they were to say Cubans are “democratic” (47%).

The survye also found that Cubans feel the U.S. would be a good trade partner but just 14% of respondents said they approve of U.S. leadership — significantly lower even than the finding of 24% elsewhere in Latin America.

Those surveyed lived in two major urban areas– Havana and Santiago.

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