Gallup: Hillary Still Leads Obama Among Democrats, Rudy Overtakes McCain

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By: E&P Staff

A new Gallup poll reveals that Sen. Hillary Clinton remains most favored among Democrats for the 2008 nod for president. Despite the growing clamor around Sen. Barack Obama, the candidate who has moved up the most on her is former Sen. John Edwards.

On the GOP side, Rudy Giuliani has taken what some may call a surprise lead over Sen. John McCain, at 31% to 27%. They were knotted at 28% one month ago.

The poll, taken Jan 12-14, found Clinton favored by 29%, with Obama at 18%, followed by Edwards with 13%. One month earlier Clinton led Obama by a slightly wider margin, at 33% to 20% and Edwards only had 8%. He announced his candidacy between the two polls. The second poll took place just before Obama’s move this week to form an exploratory committee.

Al Gore is still drawing 11%, with Sen. John Kerry at 8% and another newly announced candidate, Sen. Joe Biden, at 5%.

Asked if the race came down to just the two top candidates, the voters picked Clinton over Obama by 53% to 39%.

Gallup found that the gender gap favors Clinton, with her topping Obama 35% to 19% among women and only 26% to 20% among men. She also carried self-described “conservatives” by 36% to 13% over him, while taking the liberal vote, 32% to 23%.

On the GOP side, Newt Gingrich draws 10% and Mitt Romney 7%.

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