Gallup: Hollywood Films on 9/11 Face Obstacles

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By: E&P Staff

With the controversial Paul Greengrass 9/11 movie ?United 93? set to open on Friday around the country, and an Oliver Stone film on the World Trade Center disaster coming up, the question remains: How many Americans will go see them, even if it gather very positive reviews? A new Gallup report, released today, suggests the movies could face trouble.

Its recent poll found the public exactly divided over whether Hollywood should even make 9/11 movies, with 44% saying that was okay and 44% saying it was a ?bad thing.?

Six out of 10 said they were unlikely to consider going to either the Greengrass or Stone films, with 41% saying it is ?not at all likely.? Men are little more open to it, and there is this ray of hope: 58% in the key 18 to 34 demogrpahic say they might see the films.

Those in the West, the farthest from the attacks, are more interested in the films than those elsewhere.

The Gallup survey of 1004 adults was taken April 7 to 9.

Greengrass directed the widely-hailed movie “Bloody Sunday,” among others.

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