Gallup on Horse Race: Poll Puts Rudy Ahead of Hillary in 2008 Contest

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By: E&P STaff

Apparently it’s never to early to speculate on the 2008 race for the White House. Jon Stewart on The Daily Show last night had an “Indecision 2008” segment and Gallup just released a new survey on various trial heats. And guess what: Rudy Giulani is in the early lead in the Gallup gallop.

Its most recent survey in late July found the former New York mayor with the highest favorable rating among several top possible choices, at 64%, with Hillary Clinton clocking in at 53%, John McCain at 51% and Sen. John Kerry at just 42%.

Face to face, both Republicans (right now) top Clinton by the same margin, 50% to 45%, and trounce Kerry 54% to 41%.

One problem with Clinton: Her unfavorable rating, at 43%, is nearly twice as high as McCain’s, and more than double that for Guiliani. Her favorable rating has remained pretty much at the same level, in the low 50s, for two years.

GOP loyalty for their candidates, at 87%, exceeds the Democrats’ 80% level.

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