Gallup: Only 36% Favor ‘Surge’ Idea

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By: E&P Staff

When President Bush speaks to the nation tomorrow night, he will announce plans for a “surge” or escalation in the number of American troops in Iraq, according to most reports.
But a new Gallup poll, taken over the past four days, finds that “the American public in general opposes the concept of an increase in troops in Iraq.”

Asked directly about the idea, 36% back it and 61% oppose. Of that, only 18% “strongly” support the idea.

Gallup also notes that the same poll shows that 54% want a complete pullout within 12 months.

It mentions other polls which shown that “when given a choice between a set of alternative ways of handling the troop situation in Iraq, only about 10% of Americans opt for the alternative of increasing troops. The rest opt for withdrawal of troops either immediately, within a 12-month timeframe, or by taking as much time as needed.”

Almost half say that the U.S. can not meets its goals in Iraq no matter the number of troops.

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