Gallup Poll Surprise: Clinton Leads Obama in Every Democratic Sub-Group — Including Blacks

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By: E&P Staff

A new report from the Gallup organization reveals that its recent polls show that Sen. Hillary Clinton “holds a commanding lead” among every major subgroup of potential Democratic primary voters. While her lead over Sen. Barack Obama varies by group, she presently carries all of them, including black voters.

Gallup reports: “Clinton is most widely favored for the nomination by women, whites, seniors, core Democrats, the non-college educated, those living in low- and middle-income households, self-described conservatives, and residents of the East and West. However, she also leads Obama by smaller but still double-digit margins among most of the natural counterparts to these groups, including men, blacks, young adults, independents, college graduates, self-described moderates and liberals, and residents of the South and Midwest.”

Clinton’s lead among blacks over Obama is 53% to 38%.

Upper-income Democrats represent one of Clinton’s few weak links, but even there she leads Obama by 37% to 30%. “This may help explain Obama’s competitiveness with Clinton in fundraising — even though he has not been competitive with her in national Democratic nomination preference polls,” Gallup observes.

Overall, Gallup pegs Clinton’s lead over Obama at 47% to 25%.

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