Gallup: Public Splits, In ‘Major Racial Divide,’ on Michael Jackson Verdict

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By: E&P Staff

An overnight Gallup Poll released today shows that 48% of Americans disagree with the verdicts clearing pop star Michael Jackson of all charges in the molesting case and only 34% agree — and they are split along a ?major racial divide,? Gallup said.

Whites disagree with the verdict by about 2-1 (54% to 28%) while nonwhites take the opposite view by 2-1 (56% to 26%).

This recalls the O.J. Simpson verdict in 1995, when whites disagreed with him getting off by 62% to 27% while nonwhites supported it by 67% to 24%.

A clear majority, or 62%, believe that Jackson’s celebrity status was a major factor in the verdict.

Nearly half said they were ?surprised? by the verdict, with 24% saying they were ?outraged.?

Exactly one in four said they were ?still a fan? of the singer. Almost as many said they were once fans, but no longer.

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