Gallup: Sedan-Drivers for Kerry, and Other Election Data

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By: E&P Staff

Now here’s the Gallup election poll you’ve all been waiting for.

Gallup released this morning what it called “some interesting, obscure, irrvererent, and probably not overly meaningful diffrences in voting patterns” of Bush and Kerry supporters, based on car ownership and music preference.

The findings? Bush carries the van/minivan vote by 60% to 35%, the SUV vote by 56% to 41%, truck owners by 56% to 40%, and drivers of domestic cars 53% to 41%.

Kerry gets the overall sedan-driver tally. He also carries the foreign-car market by 55% to 43% (although few of those cars likely are French).

In music, twice as many Bush voters (30%) as Kerry voters (15%) prefer country music to other types. Almost one in five Kerry voters choose R&B or hip-hop, but only 4% of the Bushies. They break about even in rock ‘n’ roll, pop, and classical.

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