Gallup Surprise: Most Americans Now Say They May Buy Hybrid Cars

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By: E&P Staff

A Gallup poll released today shows that nearly half of all Americans have cut back “significantly” on their driving due to high gas prices–and in a surprise, 57% say they will consider buying a hybrid car when replacing their current vehicle.

About half of Americans report economizing in general in order to compensate for the increase in gas prices over the past year.

Those favoring hybrids show little gender or regional differences, but “hybrids appeal much more to younger and middle-aged Americans than to seniors,” Gallup reports. Upper-income Americans are slightly more likely than lower-income Americans (62% vs. 55%) to say they would seriously consider buying a hybrid when purchasing their next car.

According to the poll, 48% say they have cut back significantly on the amount they drive and 54% says they have reduced their household spending on other items because of high gas prices.

“Cutting back on driving is particularly prevalent among lower-income Americans,” Gallup reports. “The income dividing line for a majority striving to save on gas occurs at the $50,000 level. A majority of those living in households earning less than $50,000 per year say they have cut back on driving due to gas prices. Only 36% of those making $50,000 or more say they have done this.”

The survey of 1,001 adults was taken March 10-12.

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