Gallup: Very High Number ‘Proud to be An American’

By: E&P Staff

A new Gallup Poll taken this month shows that, despite a range of current concerns, fully 85% of adult Americans say they are extremely (59%) or very (26%) “proud to be an American.”

Just 5% answered “only a little” or “not at all.”

Gallup, however, found wide disparity on a level of satisfaction with various issues facing Americans. Health care stands out as the most troubling domestic issue, Gallup reports.

Gallup also outlines the splits on controversial issues, such as “acceptance of homosexuality.” It found that 32% are totally satisfied with the current levels of acceptance, 20% want more acceptance and 30% less.

Better than 50% want immigration levels lowered.

A sampling of other issues with the percentage who say they are totally satisfied:

Position of women: 70%
Military strength: 67%
Security against terrorism: 58%
influence of organized religion: 55%
State of race relations: 52%
State of economy: 47%
Size and power of federal gov’t: 46%
Quality of public education: 42%
Policies on abortion: 40%
Amount you pay in federal taxes: 38%
Moral and ethical climate: 33%
Availability of affordable health care: 26%
Energy policies: 29%

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