Gallup: Will Al Gore Run? Support Is ‘Lukewarm’ Anyway

By: E&P Staff

A new Gallup survey finds that, despite all the favorable attention gained by former Vice President Al Gore in the past year surrounding his Oscar-nominated global warming film, support among voters remains “lukewarm.”

His favorable and unfavorable rating have changed little over the past five years.

“An analysis of recent Gallup Poll data shows little significant change in Gore’s standing with the American public despite his recent high visibility,” Gallup relates. “His favorable ratings are roughly the same as they have been over the last five years, and remain relatively lukewarm. Although he is tied for third place among Democrats as their favored nominee for the 2008 presidential election, his position is now only slightly higher than it has been in recent months.”

Gore’s currently pulls 52% favorable and 45% unfavorable ratngs. His favorable rating is not significantly different from measurements in 2003 and late 2002. Gore’s unfavorable rating has not changed at all over this time period.

Gore trails Sen. Hillary Clinton badly as a favorite of Democratic voters, at 40% to 14%. Sen. Barack Obama draws 21% and Gore edges out former Sen. John Edwards at 13%.

The poll of 1,006 voters was taken Feb. 9-11.

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