GALLUP: Workers in U.S. Waste More Than An Hour A Day

By: E&P Staff

The Gallup organization posed an interesting question recently, on light of concerns about office workers increasingly using the Web at their desks, taking smoking breaks, checking personal email, and so forth: Just how much time are employees wasting on a daily basis?

So Gallupl asked American workers to estimate the number of hours that they waste each work day — and the number of hours a typical co-worker wastes each day. You might call it the “Surfin’ USA” survey.

On average, Gallup reports today, employees admit “they personally waste about one hour a day, while they believe their co-workers waste slightly more time — about an hour and half — each day.”

Only 18% said their co-workers do not waste any time at work, while 32% pegged it at two or more hours.

The poll then asked workers to estimate the number of hours each work day that they, personally, waste or are not really productive. “Workers say they are unproductive for an average of one hour each work day,” Gallup relates. “Twenty-six percent of workers say they do not waste time at work, while 25% say they waste less than an hour, 29% one hour, 11% two hours, and 7% three hours or more.”

The poll took place in mid-August and involved over 1,000 adults.

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