Gannett Selects News Hub Media’s ARK Digital Asset Management System

News Hub Media (NHM), an industry leader in software solutions for design production automation and digital asset management systems, announces that Gannett Co., Inc. is deploying the ARK digital asset management (DAM) as its enterprise DAM solution.

“We have chosen to implement ARK from News Hub Media. Its feature set aligns with several of Gannett’s Digital Asset Management requirements. Our initial implementation will be used by our designIQ team,” said Rick Baker, VP Revenue Solutions Gannett Technology.

The Gannett Creative Campaigns team identified critical functionalities and business requirements for the long-term success of ARK as their next-generation DAM. ARK’s key advantage was its ability to evolve with the changing requirements and diverse production challenges faced by Gannett.

“Gannett’s deployment of ARK validates our vision and design of a DAM built for creatives and production,” said Richard Laframboise, president of NHM. “We focused on solving the pain points associated with asset usage, discoverability and management within a large-scale creative workflow operation.”

ARK will initially manage digital and print advertisements, campaigns and projects across the Gannett enterprise. Gannett will create HTML ads and InDesign print ads with all content packages and associated ad components available for reuse as a complete package or per component. Ultimately, ARK provides Gannett with a DAM platform and infrastructure that will scale to support high-volume asset management for all Gannett business units and markets going forward.

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