‘Garfield’ News: Retirements, Statue Beheader Gets Sentenced

By: E&P Staff

The inspiration for the “Doc Boy” character in “Garfield” has retired from Paws Inc., the company founded by “Garfield” creator Jim Davis.

Dave “Doc” Davis (Jim’s younger brother) and Dave’s wife Linda both retired from Paws after a combined 34 years with the company. They worked in online sales and marketing, and in managing the “Garfield” collectibles program. Dave also served as production manager of the Paws art department, and Linda headed the costume program.

In other news, the man who accidentally beheaded a Garfield statue that he hugged in Marion, Ind., was given a 90-day suspended sentence, ordered to perform 40 hours of community service, and fined $200. After the cartoon cat’s head fell off, the man drove off with it and left it by the side of a road. Paws is currently overseeing the statue’s repair.

The “Garfield” comic appears in about 2,600 newspapers via Universal Press Syndicate.

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