Garfield Pays Visit To Monopoly Land


Does “GO” stand for Garfield and Odie?

Yes, a “Garfield” version of the Monopoly board game is scheduled to hit specialty stores in February. It marks the comic strip’s 25th anniversary, which will be reached next June.

The game’s corner properties — “GO,” “Just Visiting/Jail,” “Free Parking,” and “Go to Jail” — remain unchanged. But other squares feature Garfield possessions such as his food dish, a cookie jar, and a giant cup of coffee. Instead of “Chance” and “Community Chest” cards, players can draw “Refrigerator” and “Pot Luck” cards for an opportunity to collect $150 for delivering a dozen anchovy pizzas to Garfield. “Monopoly: Garfield 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition” also includes a comic showing Garfield, Odie, and Jon playing the game.

“We had a blast putting greedy little Garfield in Monopoly land,” said “Garfield” creator Jim Davis. “I grew up playing Monopoly, and it’s even influenced the way I do business today. For instance, I own several rental houses and they’re all painted green.”

In other news, Ballantine has published a book collection called In Dog Years I’d Be Dead: Garfield at 25.

“Garfield” is distributed by Universal Press Syndicate to about 2,600 newspapers, making it the most widely syndicated comic in the world.

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