Garrison Keillor to Write Weekly Newspaper Column for TMS

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By: E&P Staff

Radio host and best-selling author Garrison Keillor will write a weekly column for Tribune Media Services starting July 3. He plans to discuss current events, life in the Midwest, and other topics.

“We’re pleased that a classic American humorist is eager to write a column for newspapers,” said David D. Williams, TMS president and CEO.

In a statement, Keillor said: “Newspapers have been waving fistfuls of money at me for years. But in the end it was the offer of frequent-flier mileage that convinced me to take the plunge. I am an everyday newspaper reader. I would walk a mile to get one. I would no sooner get my news from TV than I would buy bread at a gas station. As for radio, it has its merits, but you can’t swat a fly with a radio.”

Williams said: “We expect most papers to publish the column on Sunday. And because Garrison will be taking his cues largely from the headlines of the day, we anticipate many will run it on their Op-Ed pages.”

Keillor is best known as the host of “A Prairie Home Companion,” heard weekly by more than 4 million listeners on public radio stations across the country. He’s also the author of more than a dozen books — including “Lake Wobegon Days,” “The Book of Guys,” “Love Me,” and “Homegrown Democrat.” For many years, he contributed to The New Yorker, and, most recently, to Time magazine. Keillor was born in Minnesota in 1942, and now lives in St. Paul.

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