GateHouse Media Teams with Genesis Media to Drive Video Advertising Revenue Solutions

Genesis Media, the platform making advertising decisions based on real-time user attention, today announced a strategic outstream video advertising collaboration with GateHouse Media that will be implemented across 217 of GateHouse Media digital news properties. The industry-leading alliance will allow GateHouse Media to prioritize the reader experience while monetizing incremental revenue across every page. Genesis Media will deliver intelligence and attention metrics to help GateHouse Media better understand their content and audiences, and ultimately lift their revenue per impression using outstream video solutions.

This alliance comes at a time when many newspapers have made digital advertising and digital content a focal point of their growth strategy. The opportunity within digital video is huge: 63 percent of marketers expect to increase their desktop video ad spending within the next 12 months, according to eMarketer.

With this shift, it has become imperative for news outlets to accelerate new revenue sources without disrupting the user experience. Genesis Media can help publishers like GateHouse Media to capture these ad dollars and advance their digital revenue by offering a way to intelligently implement video and determine advertising and data solutions that work in tandem with existing subscription models.

“At GateHouse, we have always been committed to developing a network of ventures that will fuel new revenue streams, and our collaboration with Genesis Media allows us to implement video solutions for our advertisers at scale in a premium environment across our hundreds of digital properties,” said Peter Newton,chief revenue officer of GateHouse Media.

In addition to the many possibilities this type of relationship will pave for publishers, the Genesis Media and GateHouse Media alliance offers a number of advantages to advertisers, including:

  • A more effective way to deliver ads when advertisers are seeing high CPM’s (cost per impression) due to a lack of premium inventory, especially during election season
  • The creation of PMPs (private marketplaces) with storefronts for access to political inventory opportunities across GateHouse Media properties, where digital video has been incredibly limited, especially in key political markets including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida
  • The opportunity to aggregate the GateHouse Media audience across all properties and seamlessly execute at scale within premium content and a highly-engaged audience of 40MM UVs

The 2016 presidential election is expected to be the most digital to-date, as ad spending continues to increase year-over-year. This year, eMarketer predicts digital ad spending will see the biggest growth reaching $1B (compared to $270M in 2014). Genesis Media creates digital video scale on pages that can otherwise only run banner ads, and this creates an opportunity for advertisers to reach and engage key audiences with their messages.

“This alliance creates a massive advantage for advertisers during crucial moments in time – like the election season – where historically there has been a shortage of premium inventory in key local markets, making it difficult to reach users online in key battleground states,” said Mark Yackanich, chief executive officer at Genesis Media.

Genesis Media leverages a patented analytics solution called Page Attention Rank™ (P·A·R™) that measures attention and score web page content quality in real-time based on consumer attention. By pairing quality, engaging editorial content with optimized delivery formats, Genesis Media is able to deliver the industry’s most viewable ads.

Initial proprietary data from the GateHouse Media collaboration measured by Genesis Media reveals that bounce and return rates from readers on high PAR pages (+75) remains constant regardless if an ad has been served or not. For example, pages with high PAR experienced a 91 percent return rate on articles without ads and an 88 percent return rate from users on articles with ads.

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