Gates to Reporters: No Bunker Mentality in Pentagon

By: E&P Staff

Facing reporters for the first time since his controversial memo requiring top millitary officers to clear any media contacts beforehand with the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Robert Gates insisted he does not view the press as the enemy.

As reported in the military dailiy Stars and Stripes by Jeff Schogol, Gates repeated previous statements from the Pentagon that the memo did not represent a change in media policy, and that its timing — just after Gen. Stanley McChrystal was forced to resign for comments he and his aides made to a Rolling Stone reporter — was  coincidental.

“I have grown concerned that we have become too lax, disorganized and in some cases, flat-out sloppy in the way we engage with the press,” Gates said. “As a result, personal views have been published as official government positions, and information has gone out that was inaccurate, incomplete or lacking in proper context.”

“Gates said he is not developing a bunker mentality, a la former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, whose relationship with the media was rocky,” Stars and Stripes reported. The entire article is here.

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