Gay/Lesbian Newspapers Praise N.J. Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

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By: Anna Crane

Gay/Lesbian Newspapers Praise N.J. Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

By Anna Crane

NEW YORK An association of America’s top gay and lesbian media, the National Gay Newspaper Guild, applauded Wednesday’s ruling by the New Jersey Supreme Court on same-sex marriage. The ruling states that same-sex couple should not be denied the rights and benefits available to heterosexual couples.

“As leaders in gay media, we know from our experience that same-sex marriage is a milestone of hope, equality and opportunity for the gay community everywhere,” said Sue O’Connell, president of the National Gay Newspaper Guild, in a statement.

O’Connell is also a co-publisher of Bay Windows, a GLBT weekly newspaper in Boston, Mass.

“As a Massachusetts business, too, we know it represents a significant plus for our economy,” said the statement. “In our newspaper business alone, our advertising increased 18% when our state adopted same-sex marriage. Within the first weeks, mainstream businesses and community leaders voted with their dollars to welcome our marriages and our families.”

Mark Segal, publisher of the Philadelphia Gay News and former president of the National Gay Newspaper Guild, says that while an advertising boom may be help to his newspaper, it’s really secondary to its journalism. According to Segal and O’Connell, there is no New Jersey-based gay and lesbian newspaper, although the weekly Philadelphia Gay News distributes in New Jersey.

In covering the New Jersey ruling, said Segal, “My only objective was, literally, to beat every other newspaper in the country with more information.”

Segal said that he believes his newspaper can cover the recent ruling more efficiently than some larger dailies and regional papers.

“We can go more in depth, and we have more contacts than the dailies,” he said. “And if our stories aren’t better, then we’re not covering our community well.”

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