Gay-Marriage Reference in ‘Bizarro’ Leads to Delivery Snafu

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By: E&P Staff

Some newspapers last Thursday received a “Bizarro” comic with a reference to gay marriage and others received a different version that eliminated the reference, according to a story in Saturday’s San Francisco Chronicle.

Dan Piraro’s original cartoon showed a doctor saying to a man: “Your husband is in the recovery room. You could go back and see him if you like, but our government-sanctioned bigotry forbids it.”

Piraro told the Chronicle that his syndicate, King Features, informed him it had been getting a number of complaints from editors about his progressive politics — and that sending out the Thursday cartoon could lead to some cancellations. So Piraro made the person in the recovery room a woman, and changed the caption to read: “She’s going to be just fine — she’s quite a fighter. The anesthesiologist has a black eye and I think she may have cracked my ribs.”

The cartoonist sent out the tamer version in black and white. Later, when Piraro colored the comic for those clients that run it that way, he accidentally sent out the version with the gay-marriage reference.

Piraro told the Chronicle that King has never tried to censor “Bizarro,” which appears in 200-plus newspapers.

King and the Chronicle are both owned by the Hearst Corp.

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