George and Laura Bush Pictured in ‘Blondie’ Comic

By: E&P Staff

King Features Syndicate reported earlier this summer (E&P Online, July 8) that George and Laura Bush would eventually appear in the three-month sequence marking the 75th birthday of “Blondie.” That appearance finally happened yesterday.

In the Sunday strip, Dagwood Bumstead’s daughter excitedly tells her father that the White House is calling to talk about the Sept. 4 anniversary party. “The president?! For me?! Wow! What an honor this is!!” responds Dagwood, as he rushes to the phone. In the last panel, George (holding the phone) and Laura are pictured in the Oval Office, looking puzzled, as they listen to Dagwood say: “Har-har! Woodley, you doofus! I can’t believe you’re stupid enough to think I’d fall for an old gag like that! Ho-ho! Ha-ha-ha!”

Other comics mentioning the 75th birthday Sunday included “For Better or For Worse” by Lynn Johnston of Universal Press Syndicate and “Sally Forth” by Francesco Marciuliano and Craig MacIntosh of King.

The comic crossovers continued today. Billy — from “The Family Circus” by Bil and Jeff Keane of King — shows up in “Blondie.” Other strips referencing the “Blondie” anniversary party today include “Hagar the Horrible” by Chris Browne of King and “Marvin” by Tom Armstrong of King.

“Blondie,” created by Chic Young in 1930, is now done by Dean Young and Denis Lebrun.

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