George Will, Voters Agree on Iraq Chaos

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By: E&P Staff voters and columnist George Will agree — the situation in Iraq is even worse than civil war.

Yesterday, Will wrote that the situation in Iraq is “semi-genocidal”. Today, the voters say much the same thing.

In the online poll, 67% of more than 5,900 voters feel Iraq is “a failed state, spiraling into total chaos” — i.e. beyond civil war. Another 30% believe Iraq is having a civil war, and only 2% say things aren’t as bad as a civil war in that country.

The vote was also broken down into people who still support the U.S. invasion of Iraq, people who used to support the invasion, and people who never supported the invasion. Even the majority (57%) of those who still support the invasion feel Iraq is either beyond a civil war (33%) or in a civil war (24%).

Garry Trudeau’s liberal “Doonesbury” comic is distributed by Universal Press Syndicate. Will’s conservative column is syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group.

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