Giuliani/MoveOn War, Sparked by Newspaper Ads, Continues — As Cheney Hits ‘NYT’

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By: E&P Staff

It started with a full-page ad in The New York Times from Political Action which accused Gen. David Petraeus of “cooking” the numbers that allegedly indicated success for the “surge” in Iraq.

This outraged many Republicans, who said they objected to the “Betray Us” charge in the text. Some accused the Times of giving MoveOn a deeply discounted ad rate. The paper said that anyone can get a reduced rate for a non-guaranteed date and position, and non-profits also get a discount.

GOP candidate for president Rudy Giuliani then took out a full-pager in the Times (presumably at a reduced rate) and attacked MoveOn. Others on the right kept up the assault.

Now MoveOn has hit back, with a TV spot that notes that Giuliani had quit the Iraq Study Group when he really had a chance to do something about the war. The text reads: “When Giuliani had a chance to actually do something about the war, he went AWOL?absent without leave. After skipping important meetings of the Iraq Study Group, he quit. And gave speeches. For money.

“Republican voters should ask: ‘Giuliani, where were you when it counted?’ Rudy Giuliani. A betrayal of trust.”

Also on Tuesday, Vice President Cheney weighed in. “Like most Americans I admire the integrity and the candor that General Petraeus showed in his hearings before Congress,” Cheney said during a fund-raiser for Missouri Republican congressman Sam Graves. “The attacks on him by in ad space provided at subsidized rates in the New York Times last week were an outrage.”

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