Global Ad Distribution: the Most Technically-Advanced Distributor in Publishing History

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By: Press Release | Global Ad Distribution

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – August 13, 2012 – When Global Ad Distribution launches its Web-based Order Management System later this summer, it will mark a groundbreaking step forward in the alternate delivery arena. Linked to cloud-based technology, this state-of-the-art platform will give clients access to enter orders directly through a Web portal and will allow Global to expand nationally faster and more efficiently than its competitors.  

Kennedy Higdon, president and CEO at Global, says, “When Pete Friedrich (COO) and I envisioned Global, we wanted to introduce brand new technology leveraging the amazing advancements in cloud-based platforms rather than attempt to recreate a system built on outdated server-based processes. Launching Global provided an eye-opening opportunity for us to see how antiquated the alternate delivery industry really is and how antiquated we had actually become in our thinking.”  

Global is also partnering with a local university—recognized as being an industry leader in GIS (Global Information Systems)—for its mapping and demographic needs. “Our partnership is akin to having the most advanced mapping and demographic department at our disposal”, adds Global’s IT Manager John Reif. “We have access to more mapping systems, household databases, and geographical data than we could ever need. Their expertise is astonishing.”  

Lastly, Global has engaged Agilis Systems for its GPS technology, used for tracking in-field deliveries of newspapers and advertising packages. Friedrich says, “We are thrilled to be working with Agilis again. When we started working with them several months ago, we were impressed by their enthusiasm to expand on all my crazy ideas. Their expertise, coupled with my vision, will ensure the continued introduction of new technology to alternate delivery, which will deliver even more reliability to our operations.”  

Friedrich recalls, “When we started this company, I knew that, while some existing technology currently being used in the industry was acceptable, we needed Global to be even more tech-driven and scalable, and what we are developing is something the industry hasn’t yet seen. I feel like we have advanced 10 years in a matter of weeks. The only thing that looks the same is our great management team, which is truly the best in the industry”.   

Global Ad Distribution is the publishing industry’s premier expert in TMC and alternate newspaper delivery. Led by the same executive team that built the most successful alternate delivery operations across the nation, Global was formed to provide a world-class, independently-operated solution for newspaper publishers to enjoy industry-leading alternate delivery operations, while increasing profits to the bottom line. For more information, go to

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