Global Warming Site From ‘Christian Science Monitor’

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By: E&P Staff

The Christian Science Monitor, which is planning a new initiative to give greater coverage to issues related in the causes and effects of global warming, has launched a Web site devoted to the climate change and the environment.

Aside from up-to-date content about global warming issues, the site will also include scientific resources on the subject, and suggestions for how individuals can change their own habits to help prevent the phenomenon. The paper will also launch a weekly email newsletter about the issue.

“Our website, in particular, improves the way that the Monitor can help readers understand a subject that for many years has been a source of confusion and contention, but is now recognized as an issue that demands attention from everyone,” Monitor Editor Richard Bergenheim said in a statement “We want to help people understand what steps can be taken to mitigate effects of global warming and how we can adapt to climate change.”

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