‘Globe’ Union: Management Can Go Cut Themselves

By: E&P Staff

In a note today to members of the Boston Newspaper Guild — responding to the Boston Globe’s announcement that it seeks to eliminate 50 positions through buyouts or layoffs — its president, Dan Totten, asserts that any further cuts at the Boston Globe should be suffered by management, not editorial staffers.

Totten also notes that there is no minimum years of service to be eligible for the buyout announced today.

The note, e-mailed to BNG members (and posted on Boston newspaper The Phoenix’s Web site), follows:


Dear Boston Newspaper Guild Colleagues:

Boston Globe labor representatives met with Boston Newspaper Guild officers in a hastily arranged meeting at 11am this morning in which it was revealed The Boston Globe intends to reduce the staff in The Boston Globe newsroom (all editorial classifications) by 50 employees, including Guild / Management / Exempt personnel.

This reduction is in the form of a buyout with a layoff contingent should The Boston Globe not meet its goal of 50 employees in this reduction.

While the Boston Newspaper Guild certainly recognizes current national economic difficulties,we also reiterate that the BNG has provided many millions of dollars in cost savings to The Boston Globe the past few years in the form of Guild staff reductions.

Although the NYT / Boston Globe made some management cuts this past November 2008, those cuts in no way approach the cost savings provided by The Boston Newspaper Guild members. It is time for the NYT / Globe to focus on management-only cuts.

The terms and conditions of the buyout will be mailed to you by The Globe over the next few weeks. This buyout will be open to all editorial staff, with The Boston Globe retaining the right of final acceptance/rejection of buyout participants, as in past buyouts.

This buyout will be capped at a total payout of 52 weeks and there is no minimum years of service to be eligible for this buyout, as was required in some prior buyouts.

Please feel free to contact the BNG for further information : 617-773-3232 or dtotten@bgol.org

We urge you to review all related paperwork you will receive on this matter from The Globe,as prior buyout “data sheets” for indivuduals have contained inaccuracies.We also urge you to review all documents with your financial planner.”


Dan Totten
president, Boston Newspaper Guild
TNG – CWA Local 31245

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