Glunz & Jensen at Work in Platerooms on Three Continents

By: E&P Staff

Glunz & Jensen, Ringsted, Denmark, and Granger, Ind., announced platemaking projects at seven U.S. dailies and at four overseas customers on three continents, from Allentown to Angola.

The punch/bend division’s service department completed equipment evaluation, training and retrofit installations for three ProVision Alliance punch/benders for conversion to 44-inch web widths at the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel.

G&J dispatched Quality Control and Service Manger Dave Walter “to repair a K&F (Glunz & Jensen) bending unit and dial in all three of our lines to a degree that our own internal tech support claimed was, ‘impossible’ to achieve,” Sentinel Quality Systems Analyst and Coordinator Jeffrey M. Koors Jr. said in a statement. Walter also conducted successful on-site maintenance training and a software upgrade, then returned to perform the 44-inch modifications, according to Koors, who added that Walter “stayed to watch us take the product live and to provide emergency support if needed.”

The Hartford (Conn.) Courant also hired Glunz & Jensen to retrofit punch/bend equipment to 44 inches, using two retrofit kits for the ProVision Alliance devices. Using the G&J Wide Gap No-Tool lock_ups, the Courant required only three new lock-ups parts for the 44-inch cut-down.

The Wilmington (Del.) News Journal contracted Glunz & Jensen to retrofit two XLV-180 computer-to-plate engines and a Glunz & Jensen punch/benders for a 44-inch-wide web. The News Journal also added two VisionMaster punch/benders and a Universal Transition Unit (UTM) plate-transport conveyor.

Oklahoma Publishing Co., Oklahoma City, also recently purchased a VisionMaster and UTM, as well as plate stacker and UTM, and it ordered a retrofit kit to connect the VisionMaster to three lines of existing G&J punch/benders — all to be set up for a 44-inch web width.

The Daily Record, Wooster, Ohio, bought a free-standing ProVision Alliance 38, where operators feed plates into the punch/bender.

Columbus (Ga.) Ledger-Enquirer ordered a CM-30 plate-entry conveyor, VisionMaster and a two plate position stacker unit — the paper’s third line of Glunz & Jensen equipment.

The Morning Call, Allentown, Pa., is having two web-reduction retrofit kits installed, taking its ProVision Alliance punch/benders down to a 44-inch web width.

Grafopel SA, Perafita, Portugal ordered a full line of punch/bend equipment for Damer GraFica, LDA, Luanda, Angola. Glunz & Jensen customized a commercial ProVision Alliance to bend up to a 65-inch offset web plate. Grafopel also ordered a ProVision Alliance 38, CMX_R commercial conveyor, a regular stacker and a VLF stacker to complete the line.

El Universal, Cartagena, Colombia, is getting an SAB-38 semi-automatic plate bender and DP Power Punch for its Glunz & Jensen slot lock-up on its Goss Urbanite Press.

Cia T-Janer, Sao Paulo, Brazil, bought a freestanding VisionMaster and new slot locks for installation in March at Colombia’s Comercio e Industrial.

Printer’s Mysore, Bangalore, India, commissioned two ProVision Alliance punch/benders. The Bangalore site’s two CTP lines will deliver to one ProVision Alliance, with two UTMs and a plate stacker to complement the line. The plant in Dharwad also will operate a free-standing ProVision Alliance, into which operators will feed plates and the unit will stack them at the back. In both operations, the ProVision Alliance will identify the proper plates and punch and bend them to fit manroland, KBA and Manugraph presses.

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