Glunz & Jensen Outlines its Role for CTP in Singapore

By: E&P Staff

Glunz & Jensen, Ringsted, Denmark, has signed an agreement with Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. through Agfa Graphics to upgrade the complete prepress production at SPH Print Centre in Singapore. Agfa will supply plates and platesetters, and is responsible for service (E&P Online, Jan. 29).

Glunz & Jensen will install 10 automated lines of Glunz & Jensen online computer-to-plate processors, punch/benders and central stacking systems, making SPH Print Centre one of the world’s largest automated newspaper sites.

“Central to the CTP system will be the Automated Sorting Station, which will be the largest station of any CTP system in the world,” SPH Executive Vice President of Production Anthony Cheng said in a statement. “Volume of nearly 1,800 plates in a peak production run presents a complex sorting challenge,” he added, calling Glunz & Jensen’s solution “simple yet effective.”

“With 17 newspaper titles in four languages, SPH has one of the most complex operations in our industry,” Glunz & Jensen Global Sales Vice President Peter Jensen said.

G&J General Manager Kent Deal called the deal “unprecedented in size and complexity,” noting that it includes “236 pieces of equipment, an advanced sorting system and the latest information system.”

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