Going Bananas: ‘NY Post’ Pictures Baker and Hamilton as ‘Surrender Monkeys’

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By: E&P Staff

While the Iraq Study Group report earned generally positive reviews at newspapers across the country today, Thursday’s front page of the New York Post took a far different (but typically outrageous) approach, picturing James Baker and Lee Hamilton, the chairmen of the panel, as “surrender monkeys” — with their faces pasted on the heads of actual chimps.

The front page story by Niles Latham declares, “The Iraq Study Group report delivered to President Bush yesterday contains 79 separate recommendations – but not one that explains how American forces can defeat the terrorist insurgents, only ways to bring the troops home….Declaring the situation ‘grave and deteriorating,’ the high-powered commission proposed the United States talk directly to terror abettors Iran and Syria to get their cooperation, and commit to removing U.S. combat troops in early 2008.”

An editorial — titled ‘Counsel of Cowards’ — accused the chairman, the panel, of calling for surrender, though “not in so many words, of course.” It added: “The report decidedly avoids using the word ‘victory.’ Rather, it sees only the possibility of somehow improving the odds of “success.”
But that’s just putting lipstick on this pig of a report.”

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