Google Aims to Get ‘Diverse Perspectives’ Into Search Results

Alphabet Inc’s Google will put more of a premium on “diverse perspectives” in its search results, saying in a blog post on Tuesday that answers highlighted at the top of result pages would soon display multiple viewpoints on topics for the first time ever.

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One thought on “Google Aims to Get ‘Diverse Perspectives’ Into Search Results

  • January 31, 2018 at 9:30 am

    Ummm, multiple “opinions” are the whole problem. Now they’ll promote them?? How about, I don’t know, just a thought here … how about when you’re trying to promote something as “news,” just give us the facts without peoples opinions about those facts. Put those under comedy, entertainment or even OPINION. When you have articles about clothing, war and death, politics – true, politics – opinion, sports, hate speech articles all jumbled together like they all carry the same weight, it’s no wonder people are feeling desensitized and brow beat day after day.


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