Google Partners With Dow Jones for Video-Sharing Program

By: E&P Staff

Google is at it again. The Internet giant is partnering with several media companies, including Dow Jones & Co., to syndicate video content across the Web.

The New York Times? Louise Story reports today that Google plans to show videos inside ad boxes on sites that are relevant to the content of the videos. Google will share the advertising revenue with the content providers and the sites that feature the ad boxes.

Kim Malone, director of online sales and operations for Google AdSense, told Story: ?Once upon a time, if you had some video content that you wanted to distribute, you could do it on three television stations in the days of the networks, than 100 in the days of cable. Now, thanks to this program, you can do it on literally millions of channels on the Internet.?

Other media companies involved with the program include Conde Nast and Sony BMG Entertainment.

A recent study from the research group Borrell Associates found that newspaper Web sites are capturing more than 50% of the streaming-video advertising dollars compared with local TV Web sites.

With this agreement, Google is going after consumer good companies that typically spend a lot of money with broadcast stations on brand advertising.

Like the print ad program that is Google is currently testing with more than 50 newspapers, Google could be seen as potentially controlling the advertisers. Furthermore, Story points out that the content providers want to make sure that the video link back to the their sites.

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