Gordon Campbell’s Cartoons Added to Cagle Web Site

By: E&P Staff

The editorial cartoons of Gordon Campbell — who was recently let go by the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin of Ontario, Calif. — have been added to the massive Cagle.MSNBC.com cartoon site.

Daryl Cagle, in a post on his blog, said adding Campbell “is ironic, because Gordon is the latest casualty in the parade of cartoonist job layoffs. Even without a job, Gordon will continue to draw cartoons regularly as a freelancer — a fate that seems to be in the future for every cartoonist.”

The blog post also included comments by Campbell, who was partly surprised to lose a job that also involved doing cartoons for the Daily Bulletin’s sister newspapers. Campbell said he was the “highest ‘hit man’ in the online editions — a top-priority endeavor, according to management — so I felt somewhat safe.”

Campbell added: “So now I’m free. All my ‘toonist buddies tell me so. They say I just have to see this as an opportunity to soar above the turkeys and fly up to the highest peaks of graphic commentary. I know I should feel liberated but it still seems like part of me is rolling around in a basket on Bastille Day!”

Cagle’s complete post can be seen here.

A March 11 E&P story about Campbell being let go can be seen here.

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