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For The New York Times

Opposite page, bottom left: Jiang Guohua, the Communist Party boss of Mianzhu, kneels to beg parents of earthquake victims to stop their protest. Opposite page, bottom right: Parents returned to the site of Fuxin No. 2 Primary School in Mianzhu ? where 127 students died ? to remember their children, whose photos they held. Pictured are, from left, Zhao Xiao Qiong, mother of Lan Xiao Juan, 10, and Yang Zai Yin, mother of Liu Chao, 12. Above right: Their homes demolished in the earthquake, residents of Yingxiu, China, comb through the debris in search of anything that might be useful. Below: The Juyuan Middle School was one of several area schools that collapsed from the earthquake in Sichuan Province in May 2008. At a morgue, parents found their dead children.

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