Green Shoot Media Releases Olympics Section

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By: Press Release | Green Shoot Media

The 2012 Olympics are right around the corner, and Green Shoot Media has released an Olympics preview section designed to drive newspaper revenue this summer.

The section includes 11 pages of content, plus tab and broadsheet covers, all fully designed and ready for ad departments to sell. Content focuses on the history, spectacle and pageantry of the Olympics themselves — including information on the Olympic venues, the lesser-known sports, what to expect in the opening ceremonies, and great moments in Olympic history.

The games officially begin July 27 in London.

“We’re excited to offer this great section ahead of the Olympics,” said Derek Price, owner of Green Shoot Media. “People everywhere are going to be talking about the Olympics, and it’s a great chance for papers to preview the games for their readers and boost their ad revenue.”

Pages in the section are designed to fit either the top half of a broadsheet or a full tab page. The package includes layout documents that can be opened in both Quark and InDesign, high-resolution PDF pages, along with the text and photo files for papers that want to customize the look for their market.

“I know newspaper staffs are stretched thin these days, so we made it easy for papers to add a good-looking Olympics section to their summer plans,” Price said. “It’s completely designed right now so papers can get a head start on selling it, too.”

Samples and pricing are available at You can also download a complete sample PDF here.

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